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100% Yarn Dyed Nylon Check and P/N Spandex

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100% Yarn Dyed Nylon Check and P/N Spandex Products SI-4666

│ Description │
Although yarn-dyed nylon products have various problems such as fastness or shrinkage attributable to the nature of nylon, Song-i Textile has developed a technology that can resolve them. Using this technology, we are currently manufacturing high quality fabric products that can be used for not only outdoor wear but also lining materials by applying various check patterns and colors. The recently developed P/N Spandex product has adopted dope-dyed nylon textured yarn to enhance its fastness. This product also features a plate ground, which has generated a positive response from the market as an excellent material for outdoor wear.

│ Specification │

  • Composition : P/N/SP = 67/28/5
  • Weight: 148g/yd
  • Width: 54/55"